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Parent Forum and Parent Council

Your voice in our school...

The current parent council members are;

Megan Smith                                                          Chairperson

Kerry Forbes and Lorraine Guest                           Vice Chair

Pauline McAdam                                                    Treasurer

Fiona Newton                                                          Clerk

Megan Smith

Belinda Peterson

Florence Anderson


Every parent or carer is automatically a member of the parent forum in our school. As part of this forum you have a voice and can raise any relevant issues which affect the life of the school. At the hub of the Parent Forum is the Parent Council. We meet frequently to raise issues, fundraise for the school and keep the lines of communication open between all parents and the school team. The Parent Council make sure that parents’ views are represented and will help to build links and involve parents more in school life.

We normally meet on a Thursday in the school's Community Room and would welcome any additional members who are interested in joining us to discuss school matters and  preschool chilren are welcome to accompany their parents.

Last term we held a carft fayre and coffee morning to raise funds for playground equipment. We are currently deciding what specific things we are going to use this money on.

We will keep you informed of what we are doing and when we are meeting via the school twitter account @densroadps . You can access this account by clicking the bird logo at the right of this page or by googling '@densroadps'