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Dragons, Money and More!

We have had lots of fun learning about the celebration of Chinese New Year. We were very lucky to be visited by a Chinese Lion that showed us all a special dance.

In our classroom we have had a Chinese Restaurant and we have been learning about different Chinese food, try out writing in Chinese and it has helped us practise using money too. We also took part in Glow Meet and we watched a concert put on by a secondary school all about China and Chinese Customs.



We had a financial education week during which we learnt all about money. We went back over the names and values of all the coins and notes that we knew. Next we practised exchanging the coins for different ones of the same value. It was lots of fun and we all had a homework task of going to a shop and paying for something independently. Our focus during Money Week was to learn about Banks- who works there, how banks work and why we need them. We learnt about the different reasons we should save money, all about interest- what it is and why banks need it to work and finally we got a visit from Mr Henderson who works for the Bank of Scotland. He told us all about his job and banks. It was very interesting. We made a life size model of a bank and a display all about money and banks for our families to see on our open afternoon. We had lots of fun and learnt alot about money!