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P4a1 in March


We are continuing to work on our division and are all doing well.  We are working in our co-operative groups to improve our problem solving skills.



We are learning how to write our stories in paragraphs.  We are learning about similes and have been working hard on making up our own.


Health & Wellbeing

We are currently working on a very important topic in health, how to stay safe at home.  We are learning the possible dangers that are in the home and how to avoid them.  We also know how to react in an emergency.



 We finished our last topic be designing our very own super cars which was great fun and a nice way to end the topic.  Since then we have been busy planning our new topic which is going to be about different world religions.  This is a very important topic as we live in a world that is full of people who have differences in how they look, talk and what they believe.  We also have a lot of these differences in our school and by learning about them we hope to make our school and even better place to be as we will be able to understand and accept these differences.


Other News

March saw our class and all of the other classes in the school take part in a sponsored run.  Even though the weather wasn’t great that day we still managed to get the sponsored run done and raise some money in the process.