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Joseph, Picture Book Awards and much more in March!


We have been busy learning about percentages during the month of March and also capacity.  We are beginning to appreciate more the importance of numeracy and maths in our lives and how often we actually use different parts of it.



We have completed our work for the Dundee Picture Book Awards 2014.  We have been working with the P1’s which involved us reading the shortlisted books to the younger children and then organising a vote in both classes to find out which book was the overall favourite.  The winning book was The Love Monster.  We have also made a display about the books and our results which are now on display in Coldside Library.


Health & Wellbeing

During March we completed our work with Miss Gauld about the digestive system and we made a large cut-out to show where all the bits go on our body.



We have been looking at fair trade with Miss Hackett and we also worked hard on the P6 and P7 production of Joseph.  We did so much rehearsals over the course of the month, but it was worth it as the show went really well and we received a number of standing ovations.