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Learning Across The Curriculum

Interdisciplinary Learning

A range of topics and themes offer interesting ways to deliver the curriculum including aspects of global citizenship such as Scotland’s culture and entepreneurial learning and teaching.

At Dens Road Primary we offer a wide range of experiences for our children through a different topics. This is called interdisciplinary learning.

Interdisciplinary learning enables teachers and learners to make connections in their learning through exploring clear and relevant links across the curriculum.

It supports the use and application of what has been taught and learned in new and different ways and provides opportunities for deepening learning, for example through answering big questions, exploring an issue, solving problems or completing a final project.

Learning beyond subject boundaries provides learners with the opportunity to experience deep, challenging and relevant learning.

We learn through topics like Our Community, Dundee, Scotland and looking at countries across the world. We explore learning through books and topics that are relevant to our young people. We also using gaming as a context for learning and have used games like Guitar Hero and Yogi Bear.