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This is the introductory statement on Curriculum for Excellence Literacy and English.

The development of literacy skills plays an important role in all learning. I develop and extend my literacy skills when I have opportunities to:

  • communicate, collaborate and build relationships
  • eflect on and again explain my literacy and thinking skills, using feedback to help me improve and sensitively provide useful feedback for others
  • engage with and create a wide range of texts in different media, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT
  • develop my understanding of what is special, vibrant and valuable about my own and other cultures and their languages
  • explore the richness and diversity of language(2), how it can affect me and the wide range of ways in which I and others can be creative?
  • extend and enrich my vocabulary through listening, talking, watching and reading in developing my English language skills:
  • I engage with a wide range of texts and am developing an appreciation of the richness and breadth of Scotland’s literacy and linguistic heritage
  • I enjoy exploring and discussing word patterns and text structures.


We currently use Read, Write Inc as our phonics and reading scheme in P1 - P3. P4 onwards use the Oxford Reading Tree to develop their literacy skills. We also use a range of practical activity in all stages to develop a range of literacy skills.