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Our School Staff

Dens Road Primary School - Staff 2019-2020

Head Teacher - Mrs A Wyse

Depute Head Teacher - Mr M Downie

School and Family Development Worker - Mrs D Gormley


Primary 1 - Mrs E Wilson

Primary 1/2 - Miss L D'All

Primary 2/3 - Mr P McBean

Primary 3 - Mrs L Moult and Mrs J Crush

Primary 4 - Mrs E Taylor

Primary 5 - Miss K Clarke and Mrs R Cook

Primary 6 - Mr G Robertson

Primary 7 - Mrs A Young

Health and Wellbeing / RME - Mrs S Chohan 

Supporting Learners - Mrs H Henderson, Mrs G Brown, Mrs J Brown, Mrs R Button and Mrs S Choudhry.


Dens Road Nursery

Senior Early Years Educator - Beverly Kirkcaldy

Senior Early Years Practitioner - Leza McCartney

2 Year Old Provision

Sheryl Lyons, Debbie Baxter, Laura Piggot, Julie Boyle and Patrycja Ratajczak.

3 to 5 Year Old Provision

Mandy McCormack, Laura Carmichael, Alicjia Stanczek and Brogan Muir

Early Years Educator and Family Worker - Jillian Jordan